Only the name remains...

How do you reintroduce Toyota’s flagship sedan to the public after a radically new design?

You wow them.

At first look, you wonder…is it an Avalon? This thought led to the new campaign:

Avalon. Only the name remains.

We needed a star as cool as the Avalon itself, so we turned to all-around international man of style, Idris Elba, to show the Avalon in all its breath-taking glory. Stylish curves. A powerful engine. And a distinct look unlike any Avalon you’ve ever seen before.

With three commercials worthy of any Hollywood feature, the Avalon shows its prowess in spy-like action-filled stories. Stunts. Special effects. And action-packed car chases. Proving to all that the Avalon is more than meets the eye.

The campaign is also supported by social media and a groundbreaking, interactive digital film. Explore the all-new Avalon and get behind the wheel here.