The holidays are finally upon us. What better way to celebrate than by sharing holiday creative? This year, #TeamBurrell had a unique opportunity to highlight the Black experience—that is, we got to show and tell how we do the holidays different. Alongside our clients, Xfinity and Walmart, we were able to create three visually engaging and heartfelt commercials that highlight the special moments in the Black home.  

Unplug & Connect (Xfinity/Comcast)

For our XFINITY holiday campaign, we wanted to demonstrate how the brand can be part of the holidays, without interupting/disrupting the holidays. This was a bold and confident stance on the part of the brand, which believed the unique and innovative nature of its product allowed it to establish a more emotional connection.   With XFINITY, “your entertainment is always ready and waiting.”

The "Unplug and Connect" campaign placed the celebration of holiday traditions and emotional connection at the center of every execution. It is a unique and heartwarming celebration of family and real connection through the lens of a multigenerational Black family. 

The campaign reminds consumers that it’s okay to unplug from technology and connect with the ones they love. After all, human experiences, in real life, are still the best entertainment and holiday experience.

No Sweat (Walmart)

Our Walmart spot is a visually engaging, high energy, dynamic spot that illustrates the freshness and quality of Walmart’s produce. Through three male friends, who are preparing this holiday meal, we will romance and hero various foods from the produce department. The men are handsome, confident, skilled men.

It is clear they know their way around the kitchen and a sweet potato, pineapple, collard greens, whole cloves of garlic and other ingredients they use to create this feast. The film is dramatically lit which elevates the entire cooking process and enhances the color and beauty of the food.

Feel Like Patti (Walmart)

The holidays are crazy, full of surprises and a mess to clean up. With all the love you put into preparing your best holiday dinner yet, you deserve a helping hand. Patti LaBelle has your back with a variety of desserts made from her heart to yours.

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