The Allies of Innocence were recently recognized by the Chicago Sun-Times and WGN Radio for their fundraising efforts towards alleviating the pain that inflicts families all over the city. That pain is gun violence, and last year alone, it took over 780 lives.

“There were so many news stories of the violence. We were all just reeling from it, and feeling numb. Instead of lamenting what was going on, I wanted to do something,” said Fay Ferguson, Co-CEO of Burrell Communications who gave brought the idea to life.

“I thought about the children, because they are truly the innocent victims of all of this, and I thought about grief counseling.”

Our partners include Purpose Over Pain, which will be referring victims’ families in need of counseling; behavioral health care firm Perspectives, Ltd., which is recruiting mental health professionals; and Chicago-based law firm Winston & Strawn. Although they have a $50,000 benchmark, the ultimately goal is to provide no-cost grief counseling to children and families affected by gun-violence.

Many family members who carried the handmade crosses, etched with their murdered loved ones’ names, on New Year’s Eve expressed the comfort of being with others who could understand their grief. This is evidence of unaddressed need, Perspectives President/CEO Bernard Dyme said.

“When people have grief, they often need help to go on with their lives,” Dyme said.

For more information, go to the Allies of Innocence Facebook page.

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