After recently winning a Silver ADDY for her empowering McDonald’s spot, The Good Fight, our copywriter Crystal Dunn discussed the Black Girl Magic that inspired her to create it. 


Q: What specific insight led you to write ‘The Good Fight’?

Crystal: We worked off the idea that parents in our culture not only want the best for you, they want you to have better than what they had. For us, that’s more than buying your kid nice things. It’s helping them grow mentally, physically and maybe even spiritually. It’s not being a cheerleader, it’s being their spotter and coaching them through. It’s being their partner-in-crime.


Q: Why a little Black girl? Why not the traditional father-son athletic moment? Why was that important?

Crystal: My inspiration comes from life. During the brainstorming for this spot, my partner and I thought about the current climate in pop culture with the rise of Black girl magic in the sports, music, and entertainment. We also wanted to change how Black women were viewed in the media, especially when it comes to father-daughter relationships. We are not all from broken homes. We don’t all have Daddy issues. And not all Black dads are deadbeats. We, Black men and women, are strong and we build even stronger children.

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Q: Explain working with Joe Pytka.

Crystal: He’s a legend and an amazing thinker. He never stops thinking about your idea from casting to storytelling. He questions everything about your story, things you never even thought about, and it helps make the story even better. As big of a deal Joe is, he taught me to not to take my job so serious and to keep thinking about the idea even after the client gives you the “OK.” The possibilities don't stop there and neither should you.


Q: What did you want people to take away from this spot? How did you want them to feel?

Crystal: Better is possible. When you tap into your inner strength, your support system and face your fears, you will always get closer to your best self. 

Q: You just won a Silver ADDY for the creative, what are the next steps for you?

 Crystal: 1. Remember my super power, 2. Beat my craft, 3. Use my power to portray Black men and women in more positive and meaningful roles, 4. Repeat.


Q: How can Black girl creatives like yourself fight the good fight in the advertising world?

Crystal: 1. Start with self. When you're busy fighting yourself on the inside, you can't do much fighting for anyone else.  Take care of home (your heart and mind), and then you can put your best self into your work. 2. Be present, be still and feel. That's where our ideas come from –– our truth. 3. Collaborate with different people from different walks of life on different levels as much as you can. The more you're inspired by the right people, the happier you'll be and the more creative you'll become.  4. Don't give up and breathe. 


Crystal Dunn is a Copywriter at Burrell Communications Group. She has been with the agency for over a year and has written Radio, TV, and Digital work for McDonald’s, Walmart, and Comcast. You can learn more about #TeamBurrell, our clients, and our capabilities here.