In case you didn’t know, April is National Poetry Month. To celebrate, #TeamBurrell has put together some poetry inspired and written by our fabulous group of creative professionals. We will upload a new poem each week for the remainder of April, so get your teas ready and keep your eyes and ears open.

Aunt Windy

Written by Erica Terry, Senior Media Planner

Aunt Windy,
You never cease to amaze me,
Amazing you raised me
Showed me awe-inspiring views, the guide to surviving seasons and how to move the streets safely
However, I didn’t really know you until adulthood
Hoods deeps
Exposing me to the good, bad, finer things
Finally, I can say I better understand you
That is, the depth of your complexities
Birthed into segregation, you developed an abundance of identities
Moral compass, but you were forced into racial divides
Drawing you closer to your east, west and south sides, of the family
Your strongest resemblance
Full of melanin-enriched faces
Cultural hubs, Big Mamas, Sox fans and urban food destinations
However, when people hear about those relatives
Positive descriptions escape conversations
Forcing outsiders to believe, there’s only crime, food deserts and entertainment dreams
To relieve those poor brown folks of nightmares on non-Lincoln Park streets
Sheesh, perception
But what about Hyde Park?
I repeat, what about Hyde Park?
Shattering stigmas associated with your darker relatives
There’s relevance
On your north side, very few west, east and southsiders in sight
Filled with cubs fans, dog parks, healthy restaurants, economic prosperity, permanent sunshine
Important things
A touristic utopia
News loves to gloat on ya
Life’s a festival
Boats and hoes on ya
Summers better there
Someone’s better there
You don’t have to be aware, of your surroundings
Surmounting what outsiders believe Windy’s family to be
But you must understand that there’s envy
To some degree, the north (star) still means free
Communities care
Police are fair
Politicians are active there
And the school systems reveal educational disparities
Time after time, extended family cried for help, but north was too busy being distant
And distance doesn’t justify resistance
So, there’s tension
Pay more attention this summer at the next family reunion, you’ll see
As all sides unite under the architecture that scrape the skies
Music in the park and city lights
Deep dish pizza and the sites of lake Michigan
There will be something missing until we fix it
Windy’s been dying to bond again
Let’s figure it out soon because summer’s a coming




By Lisa McConnell, Creative Director

Everybody's got their own flavor of crazy.
So, here's what I suggest we do.
Pour it in a cup.
Dress it up,
With lemon, sugar, milk or some coffee mate.
And when the mood hits,
Serve it to the world



Note: new poems coming soon.

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