After garnering major success with our work from Toyota’s “I Do The New’ campaign from 2016, #TeamBurrell was tasked with extending its passion points in the digital space.

We spoke with our Associate Creative Directors, Ayanna Williams and Carl Koestner, alongside Senior Digital Producer, Carlo Treviso, to uncover ‘why they do’ or rather, ‘how they did it’ to unveil the emotional drive behind their work.

Koestner, who’s worked with the brand on various executions, was eager to expand upon the stories produced in the previous campaign in hopes fleshing out the narratives that were only briefly mentioned beforehand. “If you watch the original commercials, they went really quick. The fact that we had sixty seconds to explore really helped,” said Koestner.  

According to Williams, the team was charged with creating a campaign that sustained the previous campaign, ‘I Do the New,’ which centered around entrepreneurs having the mindset of ‘the new success’—that is, defining success on your own terms, focusing more on experiences than acquiring materials and possessions. Using similar narratives from the previous campaign, the ‘Why I Do’ team translated an emotion payoff for the consumer in the form of social action through community service.

“It all came from a place from what I believe is important to the community, what I believe is important to individuals, and how you can affect other people’s lives,” says Williams.

“Many times, mainstream expectations are very loud. To be able to say, ‘I am passionate about this thing and I’m going to leverage it to make the world a better place.’ That’s a large idea,” she said.

So featuring the likes of Chris Bennett, the tech guru responsible for organizations like Wonderschool and Soldsie, was a no brainer. In the words of Treviso, “He knows what he wants to do which is in this case to help kids. And he has a business solution to that problem. And that’s what he’s doing.  And that will define him.”

In the end, we created the “Why I Do” content series—an exploration of the motivating factors behind our millennial target and the life moments they want to cultivate within their own communities and social circles.

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