When we selected “Let’s Get It Started,” the 2004 Black Eyed Peas hit, to be in our back-to-school ad for Walmart, we didn’t know how much of a hit it would be on its own. Not only was it a huge success for the brand, the spot was ranked number 3 as most Shazam’d commercials for three weeks in a row.

"It may have been licensed before but certainly not at this scale," Burrell chief creative officer Lewis Williams told Muse of the track. Our broadcast campaign shows parents how, with a few clicks of the Walmart App, free same day pick-up makes shopping for school supplies easy and hassle-free.

We tapped directorial duo, The Malloys, alongside The Colonie's veteran editor, Bob Ackerman, to shape a wealth of stunning footage into a captivating visual story depicting the first day of school and how parents can come together to make a difference for their children using the app.

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