We recently partnered with Pandora to conduct a series of qualitative and quantitative research studies on the influential power of African Americans and the role that music and culture play in their lives. Ultimately, our combined goal is to not only demonstrate the value of engaging the most powerful demographic segment in the country, but to also give marketers the tools they need to connect with African Americans in an authentic and effective way.

“At Burrell, we believe music has the power to help brands connect with Black consumers: a unique, powerful, non-homogenous group of people whose shared experiences and values need to be understood to earn their respect and brand loyalty,” says Lewis Williams, our Chief Creative Officer, regarding the new study.

Over the next five months, Pandora will be releasing insights from our findings in the form of immersive content designed to help marketers develop their strategies to support this target. Insights like: What genre do Black listeners enjoy most and why? How do music preferences match consumer behavior? Which artist has the most persuasion power? What are best practices when creating a campaign targeting the African American market?

Learn more about the study here.