For years, the Toyota Camry has been viewed as a practical purchase. It’s biggest selling point was reliability, making it one of the most trusted vehicles in the world. But the all-new Camry comes with aggressive style, sport-like handling, and a premium audio system. This is a Camry for the emotionally driven.

Partnering with our other Toyota agencies we created the “Sensations” campaign, to demonstrate what it feels like to drive the all-new Camry. The thrill of the handling, the indulgence of the red interior, and “boom” of JBL speakers. For African Americans, style is the most important attribute of new vehicle purchases, so Burrell created Strut, to show how new style gives our hero the feeling of being in a one-man parade, complete with theme music.

For print, Burrell partnered with CATK studio in Germany to bring to life the power of premium JBL audio. The image is completely CGI, including the vehicle. We designed the “Boom” to resemble center stage concert speakers, making the Camry the best seat in the house.