The Wonderful World of XFINITY®

The opportunity to partner with NBC and Comcast® to promote the The Wiz Live! on NBC is a proud moment for the agency.  Burrell helped to make The Wiz Live! an exceptional ratings success for NBC, while also driving strong performance for Comcast’s XFINITY brand.  

The co-branded work helped to make The Wiz Live! the number two entertainment program for the week. Smashing previous records, The Wiz Live! had the highest social media reach of any live TV special ever, generating over 3 billion social media impressions with over 1.6 million Tweets, 90% positive. For XFINITY, the partnership improved consideration among African American consumers aware of the XFINITY/Wiz partnership by 24 percent.  

Actual cast members, music and set designs from The Wiz Live! recreated the Land of Oz and showcased the power of the “Great and Powerful” X1. This whirlwind of print, radio, retail, social and POP culminated with a viewing party in Chicago at Studio XFINITY that was featured on local news. Luckily, all of the great results wasn’t just a dream.