We needed to challenge and upend the slow, grocery-getter perception that drivers traditionally held of the Toyota RAV4 and of hybrid vehicles in general. Our strategy was to align the RAV4 with the ambitious and equally convention-defying story of Antoinette “Toni” Harris — who will become one of the first female non-kickers on a college football roster. Like Toni, many people think they have the Toyota RAV4 all figured out — a lot of heart, but too small, too slow and not nearly tough enough.  Despite these assumptions, both Toni and the RAV4 are ready to show people what they can really do. Toni has set her sights on changing the game by becoming the first female athlete to play in the National Football League, and likewise, Toyota is looking to shatter expectations by introducing their fastest and best performing RAV4 as a hybrid. Both are ready to ‘shock the world.