Serious Play

We were tasked with making the Toyota Avalon more appealing for a younger target. Partnering with our other Toyota agencies, we created the “Serious Play” campaign. Serious Play is about having the means, access and freedom to take play time to another level. The all-new Avalon fits that mindset perfectly. It has everything drivers need to go out and get more out of life. It’s a car that dares them to be spontaneous and creative. It’s all about elevated, playful experiences, where driving the car is the real prize.

From research, we learned our target hungers to see images of functional African American couples. Although, they’re seeing more representation of African American characters in their favorite shows, many of them highlight unsuccessful and dysfunctional relationships. Our target tends to evaluate success holistically, so they desire to see couples who are successful in all phases of their life: car, career and romance. We used this insight to create work within the “Serious Play” campaign to resonate with our target.

This cross-platform campaign was rounded out with TV, OLVs, digital banners, social posts, print and radio.